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Doc & Annie
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We are a husband and wife and we live in our own little paradise smack in the middle of America's wild west. Hence the pseudonyms Doc (Holliday) and Annie (Oakley). I have some unusual but not unique tastes when it comes to women, for which my lovely wife, who is a double amputee, missing one leg and one arm near the hip and shoulder on her left side, is a perfect match. I enjoy playing with the camera and am very wonderfully pleased to have such a perfect and beautiful model to photograph. We're in the ongoing process of decorating our home with photos of my wonderfully beautiful girl and thought that they were simply too beautiful to keep to ourselves, so we decided to share them on here with a few friends who share similar interests as well.

For those who can appreciate the exquisite beauty of a wonderfully unique and asymmetrical female form as i do on her and she does on herself, please enjoy. If not, then these images are not for you.
Hehehehe, well, the only REAL DISABILITY that i've ever been able to determine is being NORMAL, due to thousands of years of "social engineering" by religion, banking and politics which has made 98 % of humanity absolutely terrified of thinking for themselves, leaving them obedient cattle to be consumed by whatever criminal parasites establish their beliefs and opinions for them.

My lovely wife has one leg and one arm amputated near the hip and shoulder on her left side.  To my personal tastes, i find this to be a wonderfully unique form of beauty, in that what's missing magnifies the beauty of what remains exponentially, being absolutely unique with no other to match and her empty side takes on a unique beauty all it's own as a result of this as well.  She is without question the most brilliant, talented, and capable woman i have ever known in my life and the first that i could truly relate to intellectually as well.  She thinks way outside the little box, nor is there ever anything she has ever wanted to do that she could not do as well and i've consistently seen her accomplishing 10X more with 1/2 as much as any other person i know.  Then all of the programmed normal Zombies who have never had a single independent thought in their entire lives and remain victim to their own beliefs and opinions, are consumed envy over the fact that she can do all of the things they can't and has actually established a good life for herself, vs. the misery of their own existence resulting from believing in society's bullshit, as opposed to using their brains to make their own lives so as well. 

They are the ones with the DISABILITY, in terms of my lovely wife, she's just WONDERFULLY UNIQUE. :)


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